Consular Services

Passport Applications/Forms

LJ Services can assist you in filling in passport applications and renewals both online and offline. We can also offer assistance with many other forms if you require.

Advice on Overseas Migration

We can advise on migration including visas, local economy, finding accommodation and assisting in local laws and travel.

Overseas Visa applications for Students, Spouse & work permits for Europe, USA & Canada

We can assist in the filling out and submission of Visa Applications to the above locations.

IELTS coaching

LJ Services can prepare and coach you with training programmes, classes and courses to get you to the standard required for your IELTS English exam. Along with our other services, this may be of benefit to you.

Managing Land Tax (Karam Payment) of your property

We can manage the Land Tax payment of your property and will put solid agreements in place outlining our role and making sure that your property is financially secured.