CCTV Installation Services

Installation of High Definition (HD) Cameras

High definition cameras are one of the latest security devices on the market, and provide a crisp and clear picture – this will give you peace of mind knowing that if any issues arise your CCTV system will provide clear images. We stock a variety of camera brands and only employ professional engineers to install these.

We will assess the weak points of your property and work out the best positioning for the cameras to cover and protect your property. We can also advise on other security systems to implement at the same time.

CCTV Viewing – set up on your mobile

With increasing capabilities of smartphones and internet service providers, it is now possible to view your CCTV system in crisp clear, high definition. We can connect your system to the internet which then allows us to broadcast it securely to your mobile device, so you can view your property live in real time from anywhere in the world providing that you have an internet connection.

Motion Detection Cameras – pictures sent to you via email

Motion detection is a widely used technology which LJ Services can offer with some CCTV brands that we stock, this means you do not have to watch your CCTV as you will be emailed any alerts of movement on your property within a predefined time that you can set this up for. An email address is required, and LJ Services can also assist with email setup through our internet services.